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Little Shop -- Call Backs

Posted in Musical on 12/16/2008 at 11:48 PM by Mr. Medlock
WOW! Kids you ALL did an amazing job tonight during auditions. Your level of preparation was great! Your energy was great! Your attitudes were great! And your talent IS great! And most of all you KIDS are GREAT!!! Because of these things this show has the potential to be AMAZING!!!

  1. Just because you are not called back does not necessarily mean you are not going to be cast in the play.
  2. If you are on the call back list below you must come by before school and initial that you are accepting your call back.
  3. You must pick up addition material for the call back from Mr. Medlock.

  • Chris Ehresman
  • Gustavo Elizondo
  • Andy Hurley
  • Jacob Morrow

  • Austin Hart
  • Ben Bracher
  • Ethan Ballard
  • Jacob Morrow
  • Andy Hurley

Audrey II (The Plant)
  • LaQuon

  • Michelle Daylong
  • Andy Hurley
  • Ethan Bassham
  • TBA

Orin (Dentist)
  • Ben Bracher
  • Ethan Ballard
  • Ethan Bassham
  • Austin Hart
  • Andy Hurley

  • Alyssa Eskelsen
  • Grace Price
  • Katie Mitchell
  • Carrie Owen

  • Alyssa Eskelsen - S1
  • Amanda Ford - S1
  • Andrea Young - A & S2
  • Grace Price - S1
  • Chelsea Stiller - A
  • Lindsey Spiegelman - S1 & A
  • Krystle Roberts - A
  • Ashley Moore - S1
  • Katie Mitchell - S2 & S1
  • Corina McMurray - S1 & S2 & A
  • Kelsey Jenson - S1
  • Mary Godfrey - A

Trio -- Please be prepared to sing both cuts at call backs based on the voice part next to your name above.


GREAT JOB tonight!!! See you in the morning!

Mr. Medlock

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Call Backs will be posted by 10:43 PM!!!!

Posted in Musical on 12/16/2008 at 11:15 PM by Mr. Medlock
Be patient. I'm a slow typer.
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