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Redneck Blue Tooth Headset

Posted in Random on 8/26/2008 at 10:56 PM by Mr. Medlock
Over Spring Break I went to Madrid, Spain to visit my cousin. While there I lost my blue tooth headset. I've been hoping it would turn up and have been to cheap to pick up a new one. Last night I was catching up with some old friends and grew weary of holding my phone up to my ear. I had a creative moment and invented the "Redneck Blue Tooth Headset". To experience this for yourself you need an addias headband and a phone with speaker phone on it.

Follow these instructions:
  • Turn your phone to speaker.
  • Turn down the volume to level 5.
  • Turn your phone upside down, so that the ear piece is closest to your mouth.
  • Secure the phone with your headband, then...
  • Talk normally.
Enjoy your new redneck blue tooth headset!Photo 372.jpg
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A Guided Tour through!

Posted in News on 8/23/2008 at 4:13 PM by Mr. Medlock
My buddy Cody has created a really cool website for the Bryan High Choir. He is a self taught computer nerd and does this sort of thing for fun. He has a pretty cool website himself. Check it out the next time you're surfing the web.

One of the goals of this site is to improve the way we get information to you the students and your parents and maybe save a few trees in the process. We also like having fun, so we'll try and keep you entertained with videos and blogs. Feel free to make comments and suggestions on things you want to see on your site and things you want your site to do.

Here's a quick explanation of each of links.
  1. HOME - Displays the quintessential choir photo, mission statement, and a few basic navigate buttons.
  2. ABOUT - Gives detailed information about Bryan High Choir and includes descriptions of the choirs, faculty, and how to audition.
  3. NEWS - Contains Blogs from Mr. Medlock and Mr. Urbanek that would be of interest to most all viewers of this site.
  4. EVENTS - Announces upcoming concerts, workshops, and auditions. The description will often include pertinent details and directions to the event.
  5. MEMBERS - Includes access to practice tracks, documents, and announcements for Bryan High Choir students and parents.
  6. PHOTOS - Displays pictures from school related and social gatherings of choir students.
  7. VIDEOS - Contains recordings from various concerts and maybe random recordings of hippos with noodles on their back.
  8. BLOGS - Writings on various subjects from Mr. Urbanek and Mr. Medlock.
  9. LINKS - Includes short cuts to a variety of cool sites on several different subjects.
  10. CONTACT - Allows for viewers to make comments/suggestions and obtain further information about the site.
Another cool feature allows you to link BryanHighChoir to your iGoogle page by using the RSS feed.

Have fun with the site and let us know what you think!

Mr. Medlock

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