Note to Bryan High Choir Chorale 2011-2012

Posted in News on 5/23/2011 at 4:53 PM by Mr. Medlock
Dear Bryan High Choir students,

This year has been an amazing year for choir. Mr. Urbanek and I feel very blessed to teach and interact with amazing kids everyday. We have an incredible group of current and incoming choir students and assigning students to each choir was not an easy task.

This year we have decided to restructure the choirs at Bryan High.

Under the new structure:

Junior Varsity Choir:
Beginning Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors

Varsity Choirs:
Intermediate Freshmen & Sophomores, & Beginning Juniors & Seniors

Concert Choirs:
Advanced Freshmen, Intermediate Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors

Advanced Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors

If you wish to be in a different choir, here are ways to earn a spot before next year's 2012 spring auditions.

1: Make 9-12 All Region Choir. If a junior/senior earns a spot in the 9-12 All Region Choir, we will move the student into Chorale immediately or at the beginning of the spring semester. If a freshman/sophomore makes 9- 12 All Region Choir, we will move the student into Chorale at the beginning of the next school year.

2: Make 9-10 All Region Choir. If a freshman/sophomore earns a spot in the 9-10 All Region Choir, we will move the student into Concert Choir immediately or at the beginning of the spring semester.

3: In December 2011 we will hold a mid-year audition. Students can be added to a different choir if a spot becomes available.

If your name is not on this list, it just means that you are not signed up for choir with the counselors. If you are planning to be in choir but do not see your name here, email me at

Chorale 2011-2012
Acker, Emily
Ask, Helen
Atkins, Jacob
Barrentine, Rose
Borski, Debra
Burt, Victoria
Cade, Kyle
Collet, Cory
Criaco, Angela
Drozd, Brandy
Ehresman, Christine
Fackler, Eliza
Farnsworth, Marykathryn
Field, Andrea
Garcia-Rhodes, Marc
Grant, Jevon
Graul, Lane
Herman, Forrest
Hiney, Lucas
Hoover, Madison
Hudson, Clayton
Jones, Brittney
Krauter, Johanna
Leal, Mario
Liner, Andrew
Luera, Aly
McGee, Landon
Micheletti, Alyssa
Minter, Heather
Morehead, Lindsey
Morgan, Kathryn
Morris, Rebekah
Morse, Shelby
Mosqueda, James
Murski, Courtney
Owen, Keith
Peirce, Rebecca
Pustejovsky, Kristin
Rakowitz, MacKenzie
Ricke, Amanda
Simmons, Jessica
Simmons, Patrick
Slowey, Emma
Smith, Hailey
Snodgrass, Rachael
Sowell, Aaron
Stoessel, Tinka
Stone, Brody
Trejo, Jessi
Warden, Rachel
Wilder, Allison
Williams, Terrell
Wood, Wilson
Wright, Melanie
Wunneburger, Abigail
Zemanek, Sydney

Looking forward to another GREAT year!

Mr. Medlock


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